The National Centre for Roma Culture – Romano Kher (NCRC) brings forward to the society a vision of Roma ethnic identity intended to change the mentality of Roma, by raising the ethnic self-esteem and of non-Roma, by having a dialogue between cultures which know and respect each other.

According to the Strategy of the Government of Romania for the inclusion of the Romanian citizens belonging to Roma minority for the period 2015-2020, the main objectives of NCRC are: the preservation of material heritage (museum and ethnographic collections), the preservation of the intangible heritage (performing arts, traditional crafts, living human treasures, holidays, festivals), the preservation and development of the ethnic written culture, encouraging and developing research of Roma history and culture.


It is our responsibility to promote Roma artists so as to be known by both Roma and the wide public. We have a duty, in institutional terms, to make a Roma cultural production whose authors are especially Roma artists, actors, painters, sculptors, musicians; meanwhile Roma cultural creations should be able to move beyond Roma institutions. We have to transcend the register in which only Roma know about Roma and to build communication channels for the wide public.

As a binder from the first certified reference on Roma in the world and up to now, Romani language is a value of traditional and modern Roma culture which has to be preserved, promoted, developed and undertaken by our institution in an attempt to placing it in the register of formal education, in the state education system.

Through its plan of action, NCRC aims to preserve, revalue, develop and promote Roma traditional crafts by: product development; establishing a national and an international network for distribution of crafts; inclusion of Roma crafts in a circuit of exhibition-museum and cultural fairs at national and international level; creating specialized formative structures for training and professional certification of these crafts.


„Romi.Andrei, Vyo și Alina”
– Film documentar
„Sclavia romilor. Lungul drum către libertate”
– Prima docudramă din România
„Artiști romi în arta contemporană”- Primul album de artă ce reproduce creații ale artiștilor romi
Prod cult coperta album de arta
„De la victimizare la conștiința cetățenească : calea pentru integrarea romilor” – autori Nicolae Gheorghe, Andras Biro și Martin Kovats
Coperta carte De la victmizare. Nico Ghe
„Rromi. Sclavie și libertate”
– autor Petre Petcuț
Prod cult coperta carte Rromii. sclavie
„Ame rangiaras pherria thai sikliovas gina!”
– „Desenăm fructe și învățăm numere!”
Coperta carte de colorat
CD de colinde de Crăciun în limba romani
CD de colinde de Crăciun în limba romani
„Furtună și melancolie” de Vasile Ionescu – Audio-book
„Furtună și melancolie”
CD „ROMANI KULTURA” cu muzică tradițională interpretată de trupa Mahala Rai Banda
CD „ROMANI KULTURA” cu muzică tradițională interpretată de trupa Mahala Rai Banda

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